Miss Adventure and Her Friends (snaxxx) wrote,
Miss Adventure and Her Friends

New Zealand: Day Whatever

I *think* that it is Friday here, which means it's still Thursday where all my friends and family are. First real access to internet since Christchurch - we spent two days in Le Bons Bay, a gorgeous hostel despite pea soup weather. The dinners were incredible, a true gourmet delight! Slow roasted lamb, spanakopita, salads fresh out of the garden. Every morning I picked fresh raspberries to have with my WheatBix with honey.

Now I'm looking at a spectacular view of Mt. Cook, the rain has broken and there's a beautiful blue sky with a rainbow over the valley. Waiting for the late risers to finish breakfast so we can hit the trail for a four hour hike. We are staying at one of the HI hostels in Akaroa/Mt. Cook region, with a full kitchen which buzzes like a bee hive around dinnertime. After two meals, I've learned which stove and cooking area is the prime location out of the traffic area.

Time to run, off to Red Tarns Track/Kea Point - maybe a glacier and swingbridges!!
Tags: cows, nz, travel
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