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NZ Bound

I'm in Pasadena, California, sitting at Cow's parents house as we wait out our layover to New Zealand. I'm already tired from the 3 hr flight from Austin to LA, and i'm kicking myself for not downloading videos/movies to my iPod!
decibel45, heidinoel, doppertx, bovineone and I are on a flight together, and nugget and equiraptor are just arriving to Christchurch. We will be spending the next week and a half traveling the South Island with amyrtw and ghewgill who just celebrated their one year anniversary in New Zealand. I am looking forward to hiking, kayaking, open space, and relaxing! It's the first non-working vacation I've had in seven years, and the first time I've taken 2 wks off from work.
My internet access will be sporadic, but the boys swear they'll be blogging so I'll probably be blogging to my livejournal now and again.

Miss my gals already, and please do me a favor and line up a date for me with a cute single guy on my return! With SXSW behind me and a long vacation, I'll be ready for spring love/lust - okay, I'll settle for a date!



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Mar. 25th, 2007 12:58 am (UTC)
Cool - I'll want to download the BSG episodes I've missed, especially the season finale that's airing tomorrow.
Cow's mom just gave the call for the partybus, see you soon! HUGS and KISSES!!
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