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Ice, Ice, Baby!

The winter storm is dragging its heels into Central Texas, and folks are hunkering down for an icy day or two. Up to an inch of ice accumulation expected. I don't know whether I'm relieved or peeved that I have tomorrow off. Is it better to not be sure whether we have a snow day for work? And why can't I enjoy a three day weekend properly?

Keep in mind, dear Northerner friends, that Texans aren't accustomed to this weather, but rather can tolerate broiling temperatures that make much of the North wither. I'm cautious enough that I've never had any issues driving on ice or in snow, but it's the inexperience of other drivers that makes me hesitant to venture out. So in overkill preparation of being homebound for the next two days, I'm checking over my list:
  • Equal Exchange Organic Hot Cocoa, Green tea, and coffee beans - and Peppermint Schnapps to go with the cocoa
  • Fresh grapefruit and mandarin oranges - okay, this is really Vitamin C replenishment after a drinking weekend
  • Ingredients for a hearty chicken vegetable soup
  • Plants moved inside
  • Gas tank filled up
  • Arrested Development Season 1 and several other DVDs
Of course, the weakness in this plan is if the power goes out, in which case I can't use my stove, TV, or DVD player. For that:
  • Cat warmers in place
  • Bottled water
  • Ready to eat food from my Hurricane Rita "jump kit"
  • New down comforter (thanks Dad!) and fleece blankets
  • Located my MatchLight and candles
  • _fool 's copy of Snow Crash which I've finally (and voraciously!) gotten into.
Time to get downstairs and unload some things from my car, because once our stairs ice over it's difficult to safely make it up OR down. Damn, I knew there was a reason I should have bought that bag of cat litter I saw at the Dollar Store yesterday!

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