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"Look, Daddy. Teacher says every time a dog poops, an angel gets some money."

FINALLY home - i got off work at noon, but had to pick up my brother in law at work, meet a new client for my sister's biz, and then 2 hours of pet visits, followed by the grocery store and bank.

I'm SOOO exhausted - my sister took on over a dozen clients for Thanksgiving, and with the housecleaning she'd promised one of her better clients she is SWAMPED!! I wasn't supposed to start until midday today, but she called out of desperation to help last night. By the time I finished up and got home it was well after 1 am. Not to mention Jason calling and asking if I would "sleep over and cuddle" - uh, right, don't think so.

However, I am enjoying the visits. The client I met with was concerned that Linda wasn't meeting up with her, as she hired Linda because one of their dogs is very scared of new people. No problem, he warmed right up to me without having dog treats stuffed in my pockets - which is REALLY what the owners said they would do so he would like me!! There is a German Shepherd at one house that most concerns me - she is so nervous I am afraid that she'll bite out of pure fright. I discovered singing "867-5309" calms her down, since her name is Jenny. :P

Meanwhile, the cats can't get enough snaxlove, the pug loves me, and the Chihuahua I almost gave up on warmed up once I decided who I was going to let be in charge! Three late night visits and one sleepover tonight.
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