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"I feel like I've been rode hard and put up wet".

Managed to make it through the reorg last week, narrowly escaping a major change to my responsibilities. I knew my team leader would respect and understand my decision, and she is extremely supportive of the work I do. She's the best!!

Hot sauce festival was a big hit, record number of entrants and festival goers. Had to watch the crowd, 'cause the heat was building and the lines for the tasting tent were long.
Turns out a few of the restaurants stacked the odds by entering multiple location entries- of course, that can also be a competition between their facilities. Problem is, the more sauces for the space means longer lines. Hopefully next year we can get another tent, but believe me, AusChron does not break even on this event, so we'll see. It is the biggest fundraiser year for the Capital Area Food Bank.

Did I mention our volunteers ROCKED!!!!
Health inspection went fantastic, and we had everything taken care of that some of the commercial booths missed! Woohoo!

Congrats to Mark Witt of Aztexan for his fifth year win of the People's Choice for his habanero hot sauce. Sad for JP, Tejas Tears didn't place this year, and Winston's took second place this year.

So now I've finished packing and will be heading to Dallas this afternoon for EPA training, along with Cassie of BGGW/COG fame. I'll catch up with everyone later this week.

I am sure aalauber, aka his Royal Snottiness, will have knocked me out of the lead in the movie quote contest that ossuarian has going.
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