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Could someone please enlighten me?

Okay, I repeatedly state that I will *never* claim to understand what goes on in a man's brain, but what gives?

Feast or famine - is there something about being relatively comfortable with her present dating status that makes a woman MORE appealing? Is it an aura of confidence and self-assuredness, or just a full moon?

Or is it a matter of wanting something you can't have? Not one, not two, but three different men I've known for awhile were being extremely attentive over the course of the evening. Another friend who was quite amused by the whole thing was teasing me about the whole thing - he's known me for two years as being single and not really dating within our group. He asked what was up, and I had to say, "Nothing". Because although I had been really interested in Jon at one time, it never got off the ground, let alone progressed. My switch turned off, due to lack of interest/stimulation......
Monica and I talked about it on the way out, and she totally understood where I was coming from....

On a side note, ginger931, if you haven't been by the G-Man recently, you should stop by and say hello. Matt finally made a major change and cut all his hair off this week. Looks great, and I am sure mal would approve. He resembles Brendan Fraser, only leaner and cuter!



(Deleted comment)
Aug. 22nd, 2003 06:57 am (UTC)
Let's just say I am not presently accepting any new applicants.

Funny, I don't think anyone needs to worry about me harming them, but you made me realize why I am no longer interested in Jon. I don't trust him, to not consciously hurt me.

He reminds me of someone I dated for several months last year, whose one and only priority was himself. When Guy moved to California, I had no problem accepting it, because I knew I needed it to end anyway. However, it turns out that a few of his friends weren't informed, and were hurt that he didn't say goodbye. So I was left to explain...he just severed the ties and moved on, and noone has heard from him since. And interestingly enough, Guy often said that he really liked my confidence, and that it was sexy...