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Free the Goat Sucker

The following takes place between 10:00:02 am and 10:03:38 am:

(Scene: COG meeting, not to be confused with a BGGW evening events)

Cassie: "What do you think of Cuba Libre?"
CJ: "What, the goatsucker?"
Snax: "WHAT?!! NO, that's *chupacabra*! CUBA LIBRE, free Cuba!"
CJ: "What? I thought libre was *book*?"
Snax: "No, li-BRO is book, li-BRE is free!"
CJ: *pauses* "oh".
Snax: *pauses* "great tapas, nice bar."

Okay, CJ, you knew a millisecond before I did that this would be blogged!