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Wine Buzz

Interesting text message from Decibel the other night - "Enzo Di Sette Rue Nero D'Awola". I suspected it's meaning, but had to ask. It turned out to be a really good wine he and Heidi had on their weekend trip to San Antonio.

So interestingly enough tonight, it was #3 at the monthly wine tasting at Mandola's - but it's D'AVola, from Sicily. I bought a bottle of that nice red wine, along with the Salento Primitivo, in intense full-bodied red. I can't say much more than that about the wines, as I think I left my wine descriptions sheet with Damian (Jr.) when we were breaking down the selected wines. Such a sweet and cute young man, plying me with sweets. I am disappointed that he's even younger than we suspected, but not really surprised. Too good to be true, an attractive single man who can cook!