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A Moment

I stepped outside today, and something about the wonderful cool weather and my mood took me to another time and place...

San Jose, California, August 1997. Cool, crisp, and beautiful weather. I had just completed my last class at UT, a chemistry course. I had walked with my friends in May, and so I was anxiously awaiting my final grade to see if I'd successfully graduated from college - second go around.

My sister, Linda, was Intel tour director for the Smithsonian Institution's 150th Anniversary tour. Intel was one of the major sponsors of the cross-country tour. She helped me get hired on as assistant tour director for the San Jose leg of the tour. What a whirlwind event! I think the record crowd we had was 14,000 people in one day passed through the exhibit halls, and many of those attendees made it through our 200 person theatre.

"More than You Ever Imagined"

to be continued...