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Challenge of the Week

Here's the challenge, and forgive me if it's already been done, but:

In order to agree to be a contestant, what reality TV competition would YOU like to see?

I used to think "Tarzan, Earl of Greystoke", was a bit overdone. That was until I caught a little of the latest reality TV show "The Family", where a family from the BRONX is transferred to a multimillion dollar home. There's more bleeping out of cuss words than a Osbournes episode!

On a side note:
Can you imagine having THAT job?

"What do you do for a living?"
"Oh, I am an A/V editor for a reality show. Very lucrative, nowadays"
"Yeah, I edit out cusswords and blur the mouths so that no one can figure out what the word was. Of course, it's a little more difficult when you've got the hand gestures involved...."