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A Plea to Spay and Neuter

I read this article in the Austin Chronicle last week while on a work break, and broke down as I read the graphic descriptions on the first page. It brought back the memory of witnessing a feral tomcat reacting to the barbituates administered by one of the vets at the Houston SPCA. It was Easter Sunday, and they were so short-staffed and busy she didn't have time to take him into the euthanasia room. He thrashed about for awhile, and then slowly stopped.

So tragic, to think with all the hard work and dedication Blue Dog Rescue and other local rescue groups do to save animals from euthanasia. On top of that, there are plenty of clinics where animals are spayed and neutered at minimal or no cost, including Animal Trustees of Austin, EmanciPET, and incentives from SNIP. Greg and Christie have asked me a couple of times to think about helping out with EmanciPET. They are quite involved, and also assist with the Blue Dog database. I've only been able to help out at special events, and I think I'd like to look into helping out instead with the Austin Feral Cat Program.

I remember when the The Campus Cat Coalition formed on The University of Texas at Austin campus back in 1995. The feral population I used to see the most would hang out between RLM and Patterson Labs. There was quite an outrage from the students, staff, and faculty when it was discovered university administration had ordered some of the cats to be trapped and killed over the '94 Christmas break. Makes me cry to think about that again.

*snuggles up with Sabrina, Blue Dog Rescue Kitty*
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