On the Subject of Past Lives

A friend asked me yesterday what I thought of past lives. I have to admit I'd not given it much thought, but I do find it amusing that many people think they were someone famous - Joan of Arc, Catherine the Great, Napoleon. I want to know who were the poor saps who had to clean out Henry the Great's bedpans, or the person who pulled the cart around to pick up the dead during the Black Plague?

Yes, I do fantasize about what it would have been like to grow up in the post-WWII era, in the 50's with the big band musicians and fashion. I would love to have been one of Rosemary Clooney's back-up singers, touring across America and on USO shows.

However I think often it's a matter of not being content with the life one has now, and hoping that a past life was better.

Sometimes I have memories so vivid, of a house or people that is so three-dimensional that I awaken with an aching longing feeling sense. Were these real places in my life, lost loves?

I think I spend more time wondering not "What was?" but "What if?" -- alternate paths of my current life. It's not hard -- I see the regret in an old love's eyes, as I say goodbye everytime we part from a social event. Knowing that a lie told by another profoundly affected our lives, and had it not happened it's quite possible we would be growing old together with a houseful of children.

Would I have gone to college though? Would I have stayed in college the first time round, instead of expressing my freedom from the discontent at home by drinking and cutting classes? I really don't know.
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Volunteer Call: 2009 Austin Reggae Festival benefiting Capital Area Food Bank

Dear volunteers:
It's almost time for the 2009 Austin Reggae Festival on Auditorium Shores in Austin TX, benefiting the Capital Area Food Bank. You are important to our success, and your contribution is unique and important to us! There will be a lot of great changes this year, and we hope to see you there.

The sign-up process for volunteers is now starting!

WHEN: April 18 and 19, noon - 10 pm, both days

COSTS: $10

Our duties include (but are not limited to):
helping at one of the many gates (front, backstage, EMS) to the event, making sure that patrons don't bring in any beer or outside food, and doing stagehand work.

Here's the nutshell:

-Working one 5 hr shift gets you snacks and beverages provided, and adult beverages if you are over 21 so don't forget your ID!

-Working 10 hours over the event weekend (equivalent to 2 shifts)
Gets you a nifty festival t-shirt, and snacks and beverages will be provided. You may spread your time out over both days, or you may work only one day of the event weekend.

Now down to the brass tacks: If you are interested in volunteering, please email me with:

* Your full name
* Your phone number
* T-shirt size (if working 10 hours)
* Your 1st and second choice of shifts


Sat 10:00a - 3:00p (5 hrs)
Sat 2:00p - 7:00p (5 hrs)
Sat 6:00p - 10:30p (4.5 hrs counts as 5hrs)

Sun 10:00a - 3:00p (5 hrs)
Sun 2:00p - 7:00p (5 hrs)
Sun 6:00p - 10:30p ( 4.5 hrs counts as 5hrs)

Some people are true maniacs about this event, and work more than the 10 hours required to earn a shirt...if you are one of those, please let me know, there's no limit to the amount of hours you can help out, and extra perks!)

Forward this on to any interested folks. Thank you everyone and hope to see you soon!

Debbie Cerda
Volunteer Coordinator
Austin Reggae Festival

Follow Volunteer Austin Network at
Add Volunteer Austin Network to your Facebook Friends!


Final Disclaimer:
I am in the midst of planning events and volunteering for SXSW 2009, so please be patient if I do not respond right away. Your participation is important to us, and we want to give adequate notice for you to plan for this event. Thank you!)

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  • 11:13 ugh - #iPhone + #AT&T = FAIL, no cellular data network available. How massive is this? Reports from Austin and San Antonio, anywhere else? #
  • 11:27 @Lyngay nope, co-worker put call into AT&T and confirmed data network down. It seemed spotty last night as well, thought it was my location #
  • 15:07 @Mike_Vazquez #AT&T data network outage is north/south texas. Uh, wouldn't that be ALL of Texas? Dallas, SA, Houston. fix by tomorrow? #
  • 15:11 @masbestiaquetu OMG my co-worker called and complained to #AT&T, and they refunded what he asked for - 50 CENTS, as opposed to your $50! #
  • 17:49 @amanda read global newsletter, question - when do you sleep? :) great job, glad to help. did you see my 1st blog post? #
  • 20:00 "Its a message from destiny" woohoo for #heroes #
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  • 11:28 Note to self- check ego at the door and get over myself #
  • 15:31 @SouthAustin sounds great, we brought in Rudys BBQ to McKinney Falls dining hall for board retreat, gorgeous day at the park #
  • 15:58 Board Retreat interrupted by mouse, ran across kitchen counter and dove into burner. Now it's in the oven :P #
  • 17:07 @ev I'll give you $3001 for to create a website for bird songs :) #
  • 17:16 @daveiam you providing fake moustaches, or BYO? #
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  • 10:31 @nbabyak heh, no I didn't hack road sign, but I am a Survivor on so I would warn the uninfected when needed. #
  • 14:56 @michellegreer @tuckerma what's the question? IMHO charity:water distributes funds to partners based on needs and "shovel-ready" projects #
  • 15:17 have you gotten your tickets for @austintwestival? it's going to be a blast! Sumos and Mariachi Luchador, TBirds, prizes, all for good cause #
  • 18:10 @pprlisa @nbabyak here for @SXSWi 2009? We should do a coffee/breakfast tweetup, perhaps at @progresscoffee #
  • 18:14 @quepol what's the url for your #govtech presentation? I'd like to share one of the links you referenced, but forgot. thanks! #
  • 18:15 @daveiam dang it - that's what happens when I filter all of my film industry emails into a folder, totally missed @afs1985 party invite :( #
  • 23:18 hard to believe I didn't get turned on to Guided By Voices, and amazed at number of diehard Austin GBV fans ♫ #
  • 23:29 not Little Eva Locomotion but old school OMD from Junk Culture, get out my Madonna torn top and dancing shoes ♫ #
  • 23:34 The stars in the sky, Bring tears to my eyes, They're lighting my way, Tonight ♫ #
  • 00:06 @GeekMommy aww, sorry I missed that! Love Ross the intern, especially his confusion at tailgate parties #
  • 00:10 OH: "explain this to me again- HOW do people sneak beer into an event in a camp chair? What- 1 or 2 beers?" no, a six pack more like it. #
  • 00:20 I can't stand to see you sad, I can't bear to hear you cry ♫ #
  • 00:23 "Ave Maria - A million and one candlelights" ♫ #
  • 00:32 @daveiam only if you play this song at the partay- "Behold A Lady" ♫ #
  • 00:34 from Outkast to Bobby Womack - Foxy Brown reminder ♫ #
  • 00:35 RT @michellegreer: @austintwestival IF WE SELL OUT, WE EARN ENOUGH FOR TWO WELLS IN AFRICA. let's rock this, folks! #
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  • 10:04 Freezing my toes off at Auditorium Shores, wondering where guys I'm to meet to discuss major event are. Passed out toiletries kit instead :) #
  • 11:10 @EP3 heh, no! to homeless folks, had load to deliver to Caritas and Community Partnership for Homeless, why not direct deliver? :) #
  • 11:14 @basicbrewing aha! Which beer of the day was it? I'm inspired to use vanilla bean and @PangaeaOrganica stash for 1st try at coffee beers! #
  • 19:56 @nbabyak I knew I liked you! I was singing Wii AC City Folk inspired "Aurora Borealis" to tune of Dead Kennedys "California Uberales" (sic?) #
  • 20:19 @michellegreer thanks for kudos! @nbabyak @Pistachio et. al Check out my @austintwestival water blog post at #
  • 20:51 @davedelaney you can DO it! Deadline for cities to join @twestival is January 31st #
  • 20:54 @QueenofSpain I'm sure @technosailor appreciates Elf over Troll any day of the week :P #
  • 20:56 @QueenofSpain someone close to you might, I think someone finally got around to contacting BlogHer about @SXSWi let me know if you need help #
  • 21:01 @elmundodemando as long as @michellegreer doesn't have someone else in mind, maybe you should volunteer as the Sumo referee @austintwestival #
  • 21:31 @michellegreer great minds think alike! What a treat - and see @nucleartacos post about co-hosting taco tweetup w/ @elmundodemando #
  • 21:33 RT @elmundodemando: @snax @michellegreer Awesome! And I got my Mariachi Luchador MC/Referee outfit ... #
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  • 08:29 Thinking icy roads and accidents will prevent me from seeing all of Kevin Mitnick keynote.At least we've got a shuttle there to SW #govtech #
  • 09:48 @roguetexan listening to Kevin Mitnick talk about scenarios you enlightened me- common attacks to reveal password or quick change #govtech #
  • 10:02 Holy craaa..! Demo of "middle man phishing" of legit phone support at WaMu/Chase, I'll be careful using automated systems from now #govtech #
  • 10:43 1st session "All a Twitter about Web 2.0". Not one hand raised in response to if any TX agencies used social tools or platforms #govtech #
  • 11:12 @jkrums @pwtaylor just mentioned you in the talk I'm in for #govtech guess that makes you even more of a Twelebrity :) #
  • 12:55 @conjunctured @pwtaylor mentioned Jelly! at his talk, mentioned that he should walk down the street to see your space. #
  • 13:00 @missrogue SF gal asked after #govtech session "how do I know you?" and I mentioned you. It's @quepol ! met her at @SXSWi Superheroes mtng #
  • 13:03 @pegorama in nutshell "please enter account number and last 4 digits of social" to bank card 800 number can be intercepted by 3rd party #
  • 13:05 Safely having lunch at Fogo de Chao w/o overindulging. After seeing a leg of lamb, realized with alarm where lamb chops come from :P #
  • 13:32 Wondering if an egg drop of my 43Things would shame me into doing them, and then I wouldn't have daily email reminders to delete from inbox #
  • 13:37 @basicbrewing looking forward to NHC pro brewers night, excited to try unfamiliar and regional craft brew #
  • 13:42 @basicbrewing fun, our club Austin Zealots will be there. Goal is to avoid hangovers so I can get the most out of sessions, unlike Dixie Cup #
  • 14:08 @ColbyBrewery you kind of resemble a Viking, is it in your blood? #
  • 14:12 @basicbrewing what's worth of pic and video of @ColbyBrewery indulging in beer hops bong? I need favor from him so maybe I shouldn't reveal #
  • 15:30 Wasted time in session not fitting descrip. Moved to first instinct session w/ @quepol "Transformational eGovernment" much better #govtech #
  • 15:43 Testing @quepol focus on Zappos use of customer service. Better than nightmare of Amazon phone support after Deal of the Day? Sign me up! #
  • 18:56 @michellegreer @epodcaster didn't you meet at @mashable Social Media Camp last July? Could've sworn @epodcaster was also there. #
  • 19:00 firing up TweetDeck for first time in awhile on home computer so can RT @michellegreer @austintwestival Tweetie iPhone app so easy to RT :) #
  • 19:04 @wilw I gave up on Twitteriffic and switched to Tweetie, won't go back! #
  • 19:05 RT @michellegreer: quick! get your @Austintwestival tickets before they sell out! #
  • 23:02 Love the upbeat tempo of this song, acoustic version (Casa Nova Sessions) is wonderful. ♫ #
  • 23:04 trying out thanks to @imelda might take a bit to work out the bugs. Didnt really need the audience singing version :( #
  • 23:06 @Imelda dedicated to you in response to the Pixies song, think you'll love the style. Jason Falkner is high on ... ♫ #
  • 23:10 For all the java nuts especially @PangaeaOrganica, "Friends don't let friends drink decaf" ♫ #
  • 23:14 @austintwestival needs raffle items , ping me @snax . Volunteers also needed, sign up on the wiki #
  • 23:17 Memories of Steamboat on Sixth Street, miss Billy White Trio, Steve Bernal and J.J. still playing in Austin ♫ #
  • 23:21 @imelda okay, that was weird, don't know that it's me who's buggy. Not trying to blip Jason Falkner "Photograph", but "Goodbye Toulouse" :( #
  • 23:21 A Jason Falkner tune I'd not heard, glad to find it here! ♫ #
  • 23:32 Reminder of fantastic and moving performance at Stubb's Austin, last stop before the Finn Brothers headed home. ♫ #
  • 23:36 My boyfriend thinks this song is 15 mins - b/c he liked it so much he'd have it on repeat for commute home ♫ #
  • 23:57 @basicbrewing love the video on brewing coffee beers, is Steve a little camera-shy? For those who have not seen it #
  • 00:20 Novillero is one of my 2006 SXSW Favorites, I'd heard on stream and made it to Mint showcase. Great decision, f... ♫ #
  • 00:36 how in the world did I miss this wonderful viral video last year? wondering where my Deep Forest CD disappeared to. #
  • 00:42 always love Deep Forest, even more w/innovator Peter Gabriel involvement and musical collaboration w/world cult... ♫ #
  • 00:43 @ColleenCoplick PAN! pan, pan, pan....Gotta love Gordon! #
  • 00:48 @ColleenCoplick yes, I'll see you at @SXSWi I'm volunteering as an Interactive Panels Liaison, will be done before festival. Can't wait! #
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ADT Microblogging

  • 10:49 finding it difficult to find Plone training in Texas, let alone affordable. And Joel's BootCamps site seems inactive #
  • 12:43 @kelsianna let me know how it goes - our agency is switching to Plone this year, looking for training events #
  • 13:18 @limi4plone jfluhmann thanks for Enfo, doesn't look like it but useful link to guides. don't think state vendors provide pro Plone training #
  • 15:55 @jfluhmann thanks! Figure I can learn more on my own from Plone communty then training vendor that will have to learn before they can teach #
  • 19:38 Learning the hard way when the flue is REALLY open on 1st attempt to start a fire w/o Ed at home. Now it's even colder, airing out the house #
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  • 16:38 @pangaeaorganica can you recommend a good prosumer coffee grinder? I have an older model DeLonghi, gets clogged 2x/monthly at least #
  • 18:59 @beerbabe solution: start brewing so you can recycle by bottling your own #homebrew :) #
  • 22:19 Reading our Chinese horrorscopes at Hil's Chinese New Year party, listening to the Specials and jam in other room #
  • 22:30 Amazed how Parliament "Flashlight" can get the room movin' and groovin'. hanging w/ plethora of Austin musicians and indy filmmakers #
  • 00:16 Should be heading home, but Chez Nous and bar crew arriving to party. Too much fun for a school night. #
  • 00:42 Tables are turned- I'm ready to leave my best friend's party, self-proclaimed introverted boyfriend is too busy socializing to leave yet #
  • 02:08 @maczter He's spent his life w/mom and sisters who are overly social when he's ready to leave, I try to be considerate of his comfort level #
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ADT Microblogging

  • 10:26 feeling bad for Ukrainian student trying to solicit funds unsuccessfully via internet to participate in US summer program. He appears legit. #
  • 10:30 @epodcaster yeah, he posted to my volunteeraustin livejournal comm,, and looks like his blogs were deleted except his own lj and chipin page #
  • 10:34 @epodcaster program he listed checks out w//Dept of State. I'd donate if CIEE confirms his status and his page is permissible #
  • 10:43 @kerri_qunell folks found me thru my volunteer community page wanted to volunteer somewhere while vacationing in Austin. Recommended CAFB! #
  • 10:54 @benkweller Gorgeous porch weather yesterday, how did it get to 40 degrees? Now it is "hiking on Bull Creek Greenbelt" weather #
  • 13:56 @brundage you should make it to one of our #homebrew meetings 2nd Sat of month, details at #
  • 13:57 heading to @blackstarcoop Beer Social for setup, starts at 3 pm so come on down. I'll be working door first shift, say hello! #
  • 17:00 Trying to stay warm with fellow BSC member Jason at @blackstarcoop beer social as temps drop into 30s #
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